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Automatic vertical honing machine BVA-7,5-600

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Automatic vertical honing machine BVA-7,5-600Automatic vertical honing machine BVA-7,5-600Brunitec vertical honing machines are designed for the specific customer’s needs offering greater productivity, economy and durability in their applications. They are manufactured to perform the honing in pieces of any material and in the most varied quantities.

Possible Technical Specifications:
• Manual or automatic feeding system.
• In-process pneumatic measuring systems.
• Simple or double expansion system of the honing tool controlled by servo motor.
• Radial speed controlled by servo motor or frequency inverter.
• Axial speed controlled by servo motor.
• Electronic system with CLP / HMI or CNC.
• Range of diameter: From 50 mm.

Obs: We developed with the machine all the necessary tools to efficiently meet the needs and specifications of our customers' products.

BRUNITEC Speed and Flexibility.
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