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Engine remanufacturing: Honing of engines of cars and trucks

Intending to attend the market of engine remanufacturing, Brunitec developed a project focused exclusively on this segment. Through a research to find out the real problems in the process of remanufacturing engines of motorcycles, cars and trucks, we have designed the "BRUNIMAX" tool line. These tools have four brackets with super abrasive stones, as well as all the technology and facilities of the engine’s manufacturers honing tools, at an affordable price on the market.

The main benefits of this line of tools are:
• Great cost-benefit.
• Compatible with any honing machine on the market.
• Provide high material removal and easy adjustment of the honing operation.
• Correct easily dimensional problems.
• They leave the product with the specified degree of finish (roughness).
• Increased rigidity and service life.
• Fine control adjustment of the measure through expander screw.
• It corrects possible misalignment of the tool in relation to the product to be honed.
• Economy of approximately 70% in consumption of honing oil.

Model Expansion capacity Accessories
BRUNIMAX 2 ø 67 a 102 mm Shoes 2A - ø 67 a 78,5 mm
Shoes 2B - ø 78,5 a 90 mm
Shoes 2C - ø 90 a 102 mm

Model Expansion capacity Accessories
BRUNIMAX 3 ø 88 a 130 mm Shoes 3A - ø 88 a 102 mm
Shoes 3B - ø 102 a 116 mm
Shoes 3C - ø 116 a 130 mm

Obs: If you need different tools from this standard line, please consult us.

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